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Hesteflex and Joint Supplement 60 Sachets

60 Sachets

Select what you’d like to order and submit your request through to our team by using the form on the supplements page. We will then contact you with an invoice and to arrange delivery or collection.


Hestevard Hesteflex is a highly concentrated complementary feedstuff for horses of all ages and disciplines to assist with the maintenance of joint and tendon comfort when added to the daily feed ration.

Hesteflex is suitable for horses: - During their athletic career - To assist with joint & tendon comfort - Requiring long term joint support - That are younger to support the maintenance of normal joint function

Scientifically formulated to provide triple action support for normal joint function through 3 activities:

- To support the building blocks of the joint (Glucosamine HCI 99% & Chondroitin Sulphate)

- To aid the natural systems in the horse that control inflammation (MSM, Boswellia Serrata & Natural Vitamin E)

- Antioxidant activity (Vitamin C & Natural Vitamin E) required for the production of collagen and to provide antioxidant support for joint tissue.

Joint Supplement - 60
Large horse ( 600kg+) - 30 days not including loading dose
Horse ( 300-600kg) - 60d not inc loading dose
Pony /yearling ( under 300kg) -120 days

Hesteflex 1.7kg
Large horse 75 days
Horse 150 days
Pony / yearling 300d

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