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Laser ablation of uterine cysts

Laser ablation of uterine cysts

If your mare has failed to get in foal and has been diagnosed with uterine cysts, it may be worth considering having the cysts treated, to attempt to increase the chance of a successful pregnancy.

Uterine cysts are one of many conditions involved in mare infertility. They reduce the space available for embryonic implantation and can interrupt the establishment of pregnancy.

Uterine cysts are common and not always problematic, but they do become more common as the mare ages.

It is believed that they can lead to the mare's body to fail to recognise a pregnancy, as well as causing inadequate placental exchange of blood and nutrients necessary for foetal growth.

Historically, treatment has included manual removal, aspiration and lavage, otherwise known as flushing, of the uterus.

This procedure is best done a few months ahead of breeding. Please contact the office for any more information.

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