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Shockwave therapy

Shockwave therapy involves the focusing of waves of pressure through a piece of equipment called a transducer head into the precise area of an injury.

It can:

  • Stimulate new bone growth

  • Increase cell permeability and induce the release of healing and growth factors that contribute to the healing process

  • Stimulate stem cells in the body to be directed to the treated area

  • Encourage the growth of new blood vessels

Shockwave therapy has been used to treat many soft tissue and bone problems, both acute and chronic, most notably suspensory ligament tears and injuries, angular limb deformities, and back and neck pain.

The nature of the treatment depends on the diagnosis of the patient, as treatment varies in the number and energy of shockwaves administered.

Most conditions are treated three times at two to three week intervals. Occasionally, additional treatments will be required in more severe injuries.

The treatments are performed at your yard with the horse under sedation and last approximately 15 minutes.

Typically, we will see effects of treatment in two to three weeks.

Regenerative therapy

We use both platelet-rich plasma and stem cells, which may accelerate healing of bones, tendons and ligaments, primarily in joint and soft tissue injuries, as well as for wear and tear.

Their use can promote growth factors, accelerate vascularisation and improve bone density.

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