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Complete Equine Vet Care


We can offer a breeding programme tailored to your individual mare whether you have chosen natural cover or A.I. using fresh chilled or frozen semen.

Embryo transfer and the use of surrogate mares also undertaken.

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Pre-Purchase Examinations

2 and 5 stage vetting.

Assessing the horse’s health and soundness and advising on suitability before purchase.

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Advising on all aspects of your competing horses well-being including training and nutrition. Investigation of poor performance and lameness investigations.

Race and Event cover provided.

Certified in racecourse casualty management.

Routine & Emergency

Routine & EmergencyCompetitive rates for routine vaccination and yearly health checks.

Individual parasite control programmes.

24 hour emergency cover.


Modern motorised and manual equipment for preventative dental care.

Remedial dental procedures for bitting and feeding problems and dental abnormalities.

Offering free dental checks at yearly booster vaccination.


“The idea of a good horse with poor legs is a misnomer, the legs are the essence of the horse, and every other part of the equine machine is of only subserviant and tributary importance” — A. Liautard.

Lameness investigations with portable digital radiography.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment that can speed the healing of many types of orthopaedic and soft tissue injuries and conditions. It has been used in human medicine to treat conditions that include tennis elbow, plantar fascitis (heel pain), rotator cuff injuries, calcifying tendonitis of the shoulder, femoral head necrosis (hip degeneration), non-union fractures, wounds, burns, osteomyelitis (bone infections) and many others.

Shockwave therapy is a relatively recent addition to equine veterinary treatments and has many applications including suspensory ligament tears and injuries, angular limb deformities, osteoarthritis, tendon injuries, joint, back and neck pain, wounds and burns.

Find out more with our Shockwave Therapy FAQ.

Medical & Surgical

All medical and airway problems investigated. Portable video endoscopy, gastroscopy and digital ultrasonography. Standing and elective general anaesthetic surgical procedures.