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Reproduction and Stud Services
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Natural Service

All inclusive packages for studs to offer their visiting mare owners. Rates for up to 3 cycles inclusive.

Artificial Insemination

Artificial breeding programmes available for horses at the clinic, at studs or at home. Fresh, chilled or frozen semen. Problem or barren mares accepted. Frozen semen storage facilities. BEVA Accredited A.I Centre.

2016 prices available on request.

Stallion Fertility

Full assessment of reproductive performance, stud management, and nutrition to optimise fertility and conception rates. Semen collection and preparation for distribution available from trained stallions.

Embryo Transfer

Routinely performed in the competition mare or when more than one foal is required per year.

Packages available for synchronisation, insemination and transfer. Surrogate mares available for lease forĀ 18 months.

Click the image to the right to download our embryo transfer booking form.

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Stud Management, Breeding, Advice and Foal Care

Advice on all aspects of breeding. What, when and how? Nutritional advice, parasite management, critical and routine foal care.

For more information see our articles page.