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The Mare In Late Pregnancy

For those of you expecting a foal this year, especially those expecting their first foal, you may be starting to get excited and / or anxious shortly as the spring finally reaches us… Before I alarm you with what may go wrong, please remember that the incidence of birthing problems …

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Equine Embryo Transfer 2

Embryo transfer (ET) in horses is a topic that I am getting asked about with increasing frequency. The concept of it and the potential possibilities it opens up seems to intrigue people. However, there are many factors to consider and although in some breeds and disciplines it has now become …

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Equine Embryo Transfer 1

Science fiction becoming reality Embryo transfer in horses is a technique that is becoming increasingly available and widely used and in some breeds and disciplines is now considered routine. The process involves using a surrogate or recipient mare to carry and raise a foal that was removed from the donor …

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Feeding For Breeding – Broodmares & Stallions

As with most things in life, it is easier to start the season with a horse in good condition, and maintain this, than to play catch up altering condition scores. Stallions should approach the breeding season with a condition score of 3-3.5. Scrotal fat deposits impair temperature regulation of the …

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Why Is My Mare Not Pregnant?

Infertility is described as the inability to conceive or carry a foetus to full term. It is the most common reproductive complaint of horse owners. It can be a difficult problem for the vet as recognition of the cause is frequently difficult. Accurate records may not be kept, the mare …

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